The intent of this project is to develop a disruptive product for the millennial market using the tools and processes that I have learnt through my time at SCAD.

Disruptive innovation creates new market and value and eventually disrupts the existing market.




9 months

personal project


how can i disrupt the competitive landscape of the disrupted eyewear industry by creating an unexpected solution?


industry research

Competitors chosen: Luxxotica, Warby Parker and Zenni Opticals

Competitors chosen: Luxxotica, Warby Parker and Zenni Opticals


Five Force Analysis


Competitive Rivalry

  • Large industry size

  • Industry dominated by a few due to brand loyalty and distribution network

Threat of new entrants

  • High initial capital

  • Strong distribution network

  • Existing patents put limitations

Bargaining power of suppliers

  • High competition amongst suppliers

  • Low concentrations of supplies

  • Low cost of switching suppliers

  • Volume is critical to suppliers

Bargaining power of customers

  • Increasing price sensitivity

  • Require special customization

  • Product is important to customers

  • Growing number of customers


Threat of substitute products

  • Limited number of substitutes

  • High cost of switching to substitutes

  • Substitutes has aesthetic and physical benefits

  • Customers loyal to existing brands

  • Strong brand story and name


user research


  • Identify network emotions about purchasing or selling eyewear

  • Identify network needs, goals, preferences and challenges

  • Identify current network communication frameworks


  • Observing a local eyewear store

  • Conducting interviews

  • Being the customer

Target Participants

  • Industry experts

  • Design sensitive crowd

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The target market I chose is the same as my competitors within the disrupted eyewear industry. Millennials who are design sensitive, educated and trend conscious. I created three key personas that are potential customers for the brand and who need eyewear.


insights to opportunities

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I began by throwing ideas for each of my How Might We questions. I tried a version of applying it to the journey. Finally I understood that I was having trouble prototyping experiences. I realized that these HMW questions were related to each other and the intersection would provide a competitive edge to the company. I began mapping my initial ideas onto the map and then categorized promising ideas into

  • Epic Concepts - RED

  • User Stories / Ideas - ORANGE

  • Solutions or tasks to specific issues - YELLOW

Chosen concept: One Stop Shop

For design sensitive customers

who want to see, be trendy and be self expressive by using

our subscription service to modular eyewear.

We do this by allowing customers to design their own eyewear every month or yearly.

Unlike Warby Parker, Zenni and Luxottica,

our eyewear is unique to the customer’s personality, mood and OOTD.

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FRAME is an eyewear company that provides subscriptions to modular frames through an online platform while customers own their prescription. In addition, the company assists customers through the process of purchasing eyewear by setting up appointments with the nearest optometrist in their insurance plans, providing reminders and sending them eyewear to try at home. Finally, out-of-circulation frames with prescriptions are donated to those in need.

A brand that …


  • Responsible: Gives back to the community.

  • Imaginative: Brings out the creativity in the customer.

  • Exclusive: Unique to each customer.

  • Caring: Takes care of the needs and wants of their customer.


  • Fashionable: Sets trends.

  • Innovative: Leverages current trends.

  • Affordable: Provides quality service and product at affordable rates.

  • Simple: Used like an appliance.

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Frame service 2.jpg

what I learned

  1. The process shows you the path.

  2. To experiment with the tools to my benefit.