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The fair fair

what, why & how


the fair fair

is a local community of design students and emerging professionals to help each other transition in their careers by providing them with a safe space to market their talents, build reliable networks and find opportunities. 

We do this by

partnering with local Meetups on their events and have these students seeking jobs present a project or idea for 5 minutes. This gives students the opportunity to market their abilities, connect with working professionals and improve communication skills.


Current partnerships

  • Savannah College of Arts and Design

  • IxDA (Atlanta Chapter)

  • Speculative Futures (Atlanta Chapter)

  • AmUX (Atlanta Chapter)

  • Art in Tech (Atlanta Chapter)

  • Sparks Grove


some backstory


I got a job

I was born in India, raised in Oman and moved to New York to pursue a degree in Architecture. I spent those five years learning architecture and the American cultural ways. I used my knowledge to find and job and failed terribly. The stress and self doubt of the situation lead to depression. I didn’t have anyone to talk to or help me out. I didn’t want to leave the country and so I decided to go back to school to get my master’s at SCAD. I worked out well because I found my passion: the why / strategy. I got my second master’s to explore the why.

I took my final class online. Amongst some of my classmates were my current bosses. For my last post of the class, I asked if anyone had any leads for a potential job. One of my bosses reached out to me and asked to come visit the studio. The rest is history.

the community began in a bar

I was sitting with my colleague and her friend and were talking about our collective experiences of finding or acquiring jobs. There was a lot of bitching, moaning and alcohol. What was very apparent was that there was shame and stigma attached to obtaining a job followed by depression and constant self doubt. We, as international students, realized that there is a lack of mentorship and resources to help students play the field without the stress of visas.

Keyuri Tatu and me decided it was time to start a community to help design students at large. We wont throw the baby out with the bathwater.


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